Drive Around The World (Australia)

One family, one car, one year, one planet

The Vehicle

We’re driving a 2002 Series II GU (Y61) ST Nissan Patrol, running a 4.2 litre turbo diesel engine. This model has the optional Safety Pack, which includes ABS and dual air-bags.

Some specifications (for all you rev-heads):

Engine: 114 kw @ 3600 rpm, 330 Nm @ 2000 rpm, 22.7 compression ratio, 4169 cc, 96 mm bore, 96mm stroke.

Fuel: main tank 95 litres, sub tank 30 litres

Tyres:  265/75r 16lt

Brakes: Four wheel discs

Wheelbase: 2970 mm.

Added to the truck (mostly by ARB):

  • Snorkel
  • Steel roof rack
  • Steel bull bar (with winch capacity)
  • Awning
  • Rear storage drawers
  • Philips car stereo with iPod and USB connectivity
  • Alarm

Let us know if you would like more info –



  Wally Jablonka wrote @

Why do you call it a truck?

  drivearoundtheworld wrote @

Hi Wally – it’s more of a pet name than anything else, and just makes us sound that much more rugged! Who are we kidding? db

  Tom wrote @

Have you worked out why the air bags are duelling? Does this disagreement date back some time, or did you mean ‘dual’ air bags?

  neville westbury wrote @

You have chosen an ideal vehicle-from the owner of a SWB Diesel Maverick a bit older than yours. Good luck to you. I’m jealous and have to enjoy my FWD’ing with offroading in Oz.Cape York in 2009. Cheers, Neville.

  Keynccepned wrote @

Thanks much for post. It is very imformative read.
I really like to browse

  bakery boxes wrote @

Wow, its so realistic. You really hit the nail on the head.

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