Drive Around The World (Australia)

One family, one car, one year, one planet

Where are we now?

Click on the link to go to Google Maps for our current location (or at least within a few days) and zoom in for a precise view – CLICK HERE

(Last updated 3 April 2009)



  Nancy wrote @

Thanks for stopping in at my Visitor Centre on Tuesday, August 12th.
What a wonderful trip you will have.
If people in Australia are as friendly as you, then Australia is very lucky indeed!
Good luck in your venture and happy motoring!

  bj wrote @

ello Gov. i heard u on ABC last night Sydney that is so i am having a look at ur site. Happy Travels

  David Ellis wrote @

Hey guys
hope you are really enjoying it over there. the world is still turning over here too. Dan…I am a grandpa whooooooooooohooooooooo
cheers David

  Chant & Arjan wrote @

hi greetings from your neighbors from the other-side of the maritzstraat, what a beautiful trip! we’re jealous planning to do the other way around!

  Annelies wrote @

Welcome in Amsterdam and on the Maritzstraat,
We hope you enjoy it here

Your neighbours from the same staircase..

  Charlotte & Judah wrote @

Hi there, wherever you are now.
We were delighted that you managed to come and see us here in Marly, Switzerland.
Your stay of only three days was quite short, but we four here did enjoy being with you as family members from overseas. The house looked so empty after you left.
All the best for the continuing travel!

  Andrija Benic wrote @

We are realy glad that you have enjoyed your stay in Dubrovnik.
Hope that the kids are OK and that your travel will be smooth and troubleless.
Best regards to you all.
Andrija & Family

  Joanna wrote @

Just catching up on your amazing journey so far. Wow! Jealous doesn’t even begin to cover it!

  michele wrote @

Hey folks
we are all wondering how you are going. We are assuming that work is the last thing you are thinking about, and if you are stop it! FV protection act launched last weekend. Whoohoo! The kookaburras are singing sweetly, the river still flowing and the caffeine still strong.
michele xx

  Margie cohen wrote @

Wow you’re back in OZ! How does that feel?

All Raffy and Maddy’s school friends are getting very excited to have them back soon.

Take care on the last leg of your amazing journey.

See you soon!

Love Margie

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