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  jjablonka wrote @

would you like some chicken soup posted to you poste restante birdsville???

Looking forward to seeing you all in the Top End.

What if all the gadgets talk to each other and develop artificial intelligence and take over the trip?

  jjablonka wrote @

wally here in Darwin visiting:

sorry i missed you in melbourne. Will keep in touch via your blog. I’m very jealous of what you are doing! Have you got room for one more in the back? Oh forgot my passport.

Have a nice trip see you in the fall.

love Wallenor.

  Danny ___ uncle wrote @

“Are you there yet”????


  isabelle alexander wrote @

dear all, stay safe, and enjoy the bonding and adventure of a life time.
love isabelle

  Kyra-Lyana wrote @

Hope you are having a blast – Wally just hooked me up with your website details and i thought i would have a look… Loving the idea!

May you have nothing but safe travels and amazing experiences to bring back and share with us all in the freezing South of Australia!

Off to Darwin soon – am sure we’ll catch all the tall tales and true there …
Kyra-Lyana, Lynda and Bodhi!

  Amy Riskin wrote @

Hello to my wonderul cousin and family! What a trip-you are very brave and adventurous! We are looking forward to seeing you in our neck of the woods when your travels take you here. Just let us know and we’ll get some beds and good food ready. Safe travels-
Love, Amy

  The guy you parked next to wrote @

Aug 7. 7:50 AM. They are in Jentzen Island in Portland Oregon. One bridge away from Washington State. Boy… you are behind schedule! Don’t forget to visit Mt. St. Helen when you cross over to Washington.

  Patrick Capone wrote @

How I wish we were able to have a chat with you all, but alas traffic was heavy. I’m certain to have been fascinated.
We were driving next to you yesterday (24 Aug 2008) for a short while on North avenue in Glendale Heights, IL. You were first noticed because of the steering wheel on the “wrong” side of the car, but then we got to admiring your whole travel setup.
Best wishes on your travels!

  Susan Geraghty wrote @

Dear Danny et al

Happy New Year To You. Just back at work and received your holiday wishes. Have caught up with your news/photos at different times and have lived vicariously through them. We had such a fantastic time in our 5 week holiday to Europe and Morocco- but a whole year. WOW!! What a fantastic decision you made to pursue this.

Enjoy every minute.



  Samantha wrote @

Hey BlayKhazams!
I bumped into Michal at a party a few months ago and she told me about your epic journey. At that time, we’d just got back from a little family trip to Greece, nothing on the scale of what you guys are doing, but highly enjoyable and life-changing nonetheless. If you have time/interest in us & greek village life, click on the website link!
Love and stay happy Samantha x x (x-zzz)

  Kay Ayers wrote @

HI I just found your card going thru some things from my trip. I met you at the cooking class in Lubang Prabang. How is your trip going and where are you now?

  Steve Gill wrote @

Dear Danny and Sandy,

I found your website and read your lovely stories, thanks to Jon Faine’s link from his website. Your travels are inspiring and I’m sure your kids have benefited immensely from the experience.

Well done and all the best with your future travel plans,

Steve Gill, St Kilda

  drivearoundtheworld wrote @

Hi neighbour! Thanks for your comments. While it is now more than a year since we returned, it is still very vivid in our minds.



  Austin VINCE wrote @

I run the Adventure Travel Film Festival and wanted to get in touch with someone from the team. We do it in USA, UK and Australia. Please email me to establish comms. Do you have a little film? Austin

  drivearoundtheworld wrote @

Hi Austin

We’ve got a whole bunch of raw footage but nothing edited. One day we might have time!



  Janet West wrote @

Hi guys,
Just saw you on Sunrise.

Fantastic adventure.

When will your book be released and where can I buy it from ?

Thanks and kind regards


  drivearoundtheworld wrote @

Hi Janet – great to hear from you.

The book should be in all good bookstores any day now, and you can also preorder at



  Janet West wrote @

Thanks for your reply guys.

I researched your book thoroughly yesterday after emailing you and ordered it straight from the publisher.

It was posted to me today so I am Hopi g to have it tomorrow.

Thanks again for your reply


Janet 🙂

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