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A Dandy 1961 EK Holden

A Dandy 1961 EK Holden

An older car but one close to our hearts. After a five-year restoration our beloved 1961 EK Holden Special is almost back on the road…



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Drive Around the World gets famous (well, a little bit)

We’ve been blogspotted! No, we didn’t know what it meant either, but essentially the Malaysia Mail got hold of us and interviewed us. Check out the article: 

(PS – Apologies to ‘The Ghost’, whose blog address should be, though the journo’s pick makes for a good chuckle!)

Koh Samet, by Raffy Blay

Yesterday we went on a quad-bike. It was bumpy and fun. I sat at the front with my dad. When we got in I turned the key. It was fun – I used the handle to make it go “broom-broom!” We went to where all the water is stored and we went up hills. It was very muddy and it sprayed on me.

Today it rained. We got hot chips and I played in the sand, and I swam in the sea! I played on the computer but the internet wasn’t working because the power went off during a storm.



Singapore – Melacca – Tanah Rata – Georgetown (Malaysia), Day 50-53, 25-28 May 2008

Singapore – Melacca – Tanah Rata – Georgetown (Malaysia)

Day 50-53, 25-28 May 2008


‘Drive On’ – Johnny Cash

‘Call Across the Highlands’ – Not Drowning, Waving

DB: We said our goodbyes to Russel, Ezra and Ruby, and headed north with our first trip hitch-hiker, Debbie, and our first leg on foreign shores. It was good to be back in the truck and travelling independently again. We chose to cross over into Malaysia by a second causeway, Tuas, that would bypass Johur Bahru, that frantic border frontiersville that looked so intimidating when we went through on our way to Pulau Sibu. Read the rest of this entry »

Singapore (2), Day 41-50, 16-25 May 2008

Singapore (2) (More photos – with captions – coming soon!)


‘Sounds of Silence’ – Simon and Garfunkle

‘On the Road Again’ – Willie Nelson

(Pic 1 – speaking at the Australian International School)

SK: We had the opportunity to talk about our trip to some year 8 classes at the International Australian School. The classes were writing their own travel blogs, and Ezra (he who kindly give up his room for us) had mentioned to his teacher that we were travelling through. We had a great time – the students asked intelligent, thoughtful and insightful questions (some of our answers revealed as much about them as they did about us) – and it was great to see another level of life in Singapore. Our thanks to Debbie for facilitating this, and to the class teacher Barb Angell for welcoming us into her classroom. 

We also headed out to other local sights with our old friends from Melbourne, Katie and Trevor and their three gorgeous kids. They took us to the Children’s Botanical Gardens and the Wild, Wild, Wet water park. 

In both cases the places were filled with locals from all over the world, and lots of water play – both of which were engaging for us and for the kids. Hanging out gave us the chance to catch up, which was great, and also to see another aspect of life in this city. Having the opportunity to visit people in their home, sharing the warmth and hospitality of friends, is always a treat when you are away from your own home. Read the rest of this entry »

Day 32 – ?, 6 May – ?, Singapore


Day 32 – ?, 6 May – ?, Singapore


‘Singapore’ – Tom Waits (“In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.”)

‘Green Onions’ – Booker T and the MGs

We emerged from our flight from Darwin, via the frigid and orderly environs of Changi Airport, helpfully overseen by soldiers with large and imposing armaments draped across their bodies, into the syrupy Singapore evening air. A pleasant cab ride took us to our friends’ apartment. Maddy brought us together with the Punton/Comte brigade through her friendship with Ruby since they met in Prep at CJC. Since then, after a few local family holidays and shared meals, they introduced us to Singapore life.

Read the rest of this entry »