Drive Around The World (Australia)

One family, one car, one year, one planet


datw-logo.jpgA family of four embarking on a road trip of a lifetime – driving around the world, commencing and ending in Melbourne, Australia.

Leaving from Melbourne, 7 April 2008

The family is Sandra Khazam (Mum), Danny Blay (Dad, Madeleine (daughter, 10) and Raphael (son, 7). We enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures and climates, and at the same time doing so independently. For us, that means getting off the beaten track and spending time in places at our leisure. After driving around Australia, with a two-year stopover in Darwin, we got itchy feet. In fact, the travel bug was already nibbling at our collective ear as we drove into Melbourne. It was tempting to head north again and continue the voyage, but instead we began to plan the next one. A flippant comment about driving around the world has, five years later, almost become a reality.

So, in April 2008, we will head off for our greatest voyage – and we’re glad to share it with you. Over the coming months we hope to provide visitors to this site with observations and reflections on the places we visit, as well as photos and, hopefully, podcasts.  This site will also have a ‘live’ map of our journey, so you can follow our progress. 

So, come back and visit us soon – we’re glad to have you aboard!

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  Pete wrote @

Hope this finds you well. It’s 10 degrees here, a typical Melb autumnal day with wind and rain. Made for lovers under the doona, and music in minor keys.
NT sounded blissful: where’s that river??
Be safe,

  Janet wrote @

Hi Guys great to be able to track your progress. It is freezing here in Melb – hope warmer where you are. Thank goodness you have left us with heating that works!! Everything good here so keep having fun! your tenants!! R J T &A
PS after > 2 months in your house we’ve just discovered the home grown veggies and herbs..we never said we were gardening types! anyway – thanks..and…yum!!! The lemon tree is laden and fruit ripening so hope to have you some jars of preserved lemons for you when you get back.

  Judy Turner wrote @

Hi Sandy hi Danny hi Maddy hi Raffy just finally logged on to your site to check your progress and find I am surprised by the references to Disneyland as I haed been imagining you all in snowy mountain passes facing all sorts of (different) dangers! Now am reading back to see where the route changed from across asia and tho5rugh the stans, to across the states and through the badlands of donuts and dripolator coffee…… life her is fine – today wet and windy and good for the garden type weather, am in at work doing fundraiser type schmoozing that you both (S&D) know all too well and are probably happy to be away from. Keep happy and healthy – with love JT

  Angad wrote @

We’ll wait for you in Delhi !!!!

  IRIA wrote @

Wow!!!!! This is a dream!!!! I’ve just found you website by chance, but I would like to have the courage of doing this kind of aventure when i’ll have a family!

Good luck, take care and have fun!

Your faithfully fan! I will follow you by internet!

  ABDULRAZAK wrote @

You are lucky to see your dreams come true,and i wish you and your family a happy journey,i don`t know whether you finished your journey,anyway take care of your beautiful family. To me for the lust fifteen years or more i was dreaming to drive around the world not to enjoy only but to save life specially in my beloved country somalia,where there is a civil war going on for a long time. To me i am still dreaming but i will never give up until i accomplish that. Your honest friend wish you good luck.

  drivearoundtheworld wrote @

Dear Abdul

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and wishes! We wish you all
the best and hope one day to visit your country. Please keep in touch
with us so that perhaps one day we can meet.

Take care – you are in our thoughts.

Kind regards

Sandra Khazam & Danny Blay
Drive Around The World (Australia)
‘One family, one car, one year, one planet’
+61 417 690 311

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