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Could this be you?

Could this be you?

After years of thinking they might do a big trip “sometime” Barbara and Neville are going to go next year for twelve months. They tell us that it was Jon Faine’s book and ours and that has got them moving along!

They are in their fifties and have a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 camper that is currently getting tricked up with all the mod cons. They intend travelling through Asia, China, Mongolia, Russia and Europe and are looking for anyone else intending to drive through China next year to help share the cost of a guide.

They are intending to be in China some time in April/May but can be a little bit flexible with dates.

Could this be you?Image

Let us know and we’ll pass on contact details.


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  kate wrote @

Hi, My boyfriend and I are looking to do this trip too. We are looking at leaving at the start of next year. We are 32 years old. What dates are you thinking through china?
Kind Regards, Kate

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