Drive Around The World (Australia)

One family, one car, one year, one planet

‘It was refreshing to read a story of a journey which would have taken a degree of courage or even recklessness to undertake, but did not feature any of the contrived situations or commercial interests that go with TV travelogues et al.

There is no false drama here. There is a sense of realness about the whole book. It is a normal middle class family living out the dream that many have, and despite having the means, never realise. All of the family contribute to the book, and on a number of occasions it was not until a re-read that I realised that a particularly pithy, incisive comment was actually written by one of the children. Maddy and Raffy’s naivety, their lack of the baggage and prejudice of too much prior knowledge of a place and its history, is balanced by their socially aware parents’ deep awareness of world affairs and cultural differences. But, even for them, there are always unexpected delights, shocks, annoyances along the way. Things are as they expected, and not as they expected.

You are left feeling any family could take this on, but maybe it’s because this is a family who can ride with the punches and not ones to big note their achievements or whine about the pitfalls. They are a very cool bunch. I know they are a cool family by the tasty tracks they played in the truck along the way, which are listed at the start of each chapter. That said, the value of such a trip for the children is immeasurable, even the long more boring drives which give time out to read, or just daydream. That is something kids, and adults, just don’t get these days…time outside in the real world and time inside their heads.

There was a real sense of being there, or having been there oneself. Thanks for the free trip. The last part where the skyline of Melbourne appears on the horizon is something that stirs the emotions in all from this town, I would think.’

Tim Thorpe
Presenter, Vital Bits, 3RRR FM


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