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Are we there yet?

Almost. Exciting news that the book of Drive Around The World – One Family, One Car, One Year, One Planet is almost upon us!

It’s been a long, gruelling road of editing, rewriting, culling, reinserting, selecting photos, choosing fonts, scanning images and much negotiation. Nevertheless, we’re almost there.

We never really thought much about writing a book about our voyage, and didn’t really know how much would be involved. We’ve gone from a little self-managed blog site to now dealing with publishers, editors, designers, publicists, photographers and distributors. Still, we’re getting great feedback about how it looks and reads so far, and we’re only a couple of months from finalising the design. Then, it’s off to the printers, and, eventually, a big launch party! Will you join us?

Keep your eye on this blog for more info and, soon, a pic of the cover. It’s going to be great!