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Darwin – Melbourne, Australia, Day 334 – 360, 8 March – 3 April 2009

Darwin – Melbourne, Australia

Day 334 – 360

8 March – 3 April 2009


Total: 36,984km


‘Orstralia’ – The Saints

‘According To My Heart’ – The Reels

‘Bring It On Home’ – Led Zeppelin

‘Homeward’ – The Sundays

‘Birdbrain’ – Steve Abbott

‘Blue Sky’ – Mach Pelican

‘Road Kill’ – Rickie Lee Jones

‘It’s A Wonderful World’ – Louis Armstrong

‘Last Splash’ – The Breeders

‘Bound For South Australia’ – Trad., The Seekers

‘Last Post’ – Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet

‘Grey Skies Over Collingwood’ – Weddings, Parties, Anything

‘Maybe The Last Time’ – James Brown

‘End O’ The Line’ – You Am I

‘The End’ – The Beatles


DB: I have been postponing writing this ‘last post’ for some time, but have now decided to bite the bullet.

What for us has been a monumental twelve months was now quickly coming to an abrupt and somewhat traumatic end.

We tiptoed into our friends JJJZ’s house in Darwin a little after 5am and got a couple of hours’ sleep before picking up where we left off almost a year ago. That is, eating, drinking, swimming, going to the markets and generally living a serene holiday life. The quiet in the Darwin suburbs was punctuated by the almost forlorn call of a local bird that sounds distinctly like the piano part in the chorus of the Reels’ ‘According To My Heart’. If you time it right, you can sing the words and the bird will sing the response, like a fleeting, enigmatic meeting of kindred 1980s Australian music spirits, with the protagonists communicating only through song before parting as quickly as they met.

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Cherating, Malaysia – Singapore, Day 321 – 331, 1 – 8 March, 2009

Cherating, Malaysia – Singapore

Day 321 – 331

1 – 8 March, 2009


Total: 33,073km


‘Almost With You’ – The Church

‘The Final Countdown’ – Europe

‘Where Are You Now?’ – The Audreys

‘Not Far To Go’ – Silver Ray

‘Chaos In The Heat’ – Bill Laswell

‘Bridge To The South’ – Julian Joseph

‘Southbound Pachyderm’ – Primus

SK: Our last two nights in Malaysia were spent out of towns and on the beaches of the South China Sea. The upside was little traffic, no obnoxious hoons hanging out of car windows impolitely acknowledging the presence of foreign women, and no negotiating surprise one-way streets and blocked roads. The downside was … well, there wasn’t one.

Cherating was a typical sleepy holiday town, scattered with resorts, and with a main road bordered by shops with gaily-coloured Hawaiian-type shirts and batik dresses flying like kites in the breeze. Clichéd, yes, but at least this was off-season, and the town wasn’t crowded. Read the rest of this entry »