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Raffy’s Luang Prabang boat

Raffy’s Luang Prabang boat

I was playing down at a Mekong beach in Luang Prabang in Laos when I had this great idea. So with my mum I walked to the end of the sandy bit of the beach and found some blue plastic tarp and then some plastic string and some bamboo, and with the plastic string mum helped attach and cut the string and made a half sink half float boat!

I rolled up my shorts and launched my boat and then I saw a hole in my boat which was obvious so mum and I did some changes.


(Pic: my blue tarp boat)


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  Nene wrote @

Dear Raffy,
Your boat looks terrific. Imagine how hard it must have been for the early inhabitants to figure out how to make a boat float and carry them across the water!
I hope you keep having great ideas and trying them out. Imagination is a wonderful gift.
Love you,

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