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Izmir – Istanbul, Turkey, Day 240 – 247, 1 – 7 December, 2008

Izmir – Istanbul, Turkey

Day 240 – 247

1 – 7 December, 2008


Total: 26,321


‘Cold Turkey’ – John Lennon

‘Waiting’ – Tiddas

‘Turk’ – Dirty Three

‘Waiting For The Man’ – The Velvet Underground

‘Young Turks’ – Rod Stewart

‘Waiting All Day’ – Silverchair

‘Bureaucrat Song’ – Hermes (Futurama)

‘Tired of Waiting for You’ – The Kinks

‘Shaking Paper’ – Cat Power

‘Waiting For a Miracle’ – Mighty Reapers

‘I’m Going Slightly Mad’ – Queen


After fond farewells to Jon and Jack Faine, who were heading west into Europe, we hit the road and aimed for Izmir. This would be our final driving destination on this leg, as we would here load the truck into a shipping container bound for Bangkok, while we would while away a few more days in Turkey and then India before it arrived.

I’ve been struggling with a slow leak in one tyre since we were in North America, but two separate tyre repairers, in two countries separated by the Atlantic Ocean, have been unable to locate or repair it. So, this means we grin and bear it, refilling the rogue tyre with air every few days. On our way out of Pamukkale we pulled into a somewhat deserted service station and I jumped out to do the tyre duties, only to discover the servo’s air compressor wasn’t working. This has been a common occurrence over the past few months, so, unsurprised, I climbed back into the truck and drove off in search of another option. Then, as I approached the road some thirty metres away along the servo’s driveway, something in the distance caught my eye in the rear-view mirror, and then I heard a scream from outside. Read the rest of this entry »


Konitsa, Greece – Pamukkale, Turkey, Day 229 – 240, 20 November – 1 December, 2008

Konitsa, Greece – Pamukkale, Turkey

Day 229 – 240

20 November – 1 December, 2008


Total: 26,321km


‘Greece 2000’ – Three Drives

‘Achilles Last Stand’ – Led Zeppelin

‘Ordinary Australians’ – Tug Dumbly

‘Blue Rondo a La Turk’ – Dave Brubeck Quartet

‘Meet me in the Middle of the Air’ – Paul Kelly

‘Rest Assured’ – Eric B. & Rakim

‘Fish in my Dish’ – Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

‘Hello Goodbye’ – The Beatles

‘Get Another Plan’ – Abstract Truth

Dedicated to the late Laverne, wonder chook and sister of Shirley (dec). Thanks MTMC for your love and care…

DB: Our days in Hellas were spent variously cruising around back roads, through villages and towns and eating exceptionally well. Without putting too fine a point on it, we were relieved to leave Albania behind and belt along deserted, quality roads. Still, we spent a long time reflecting on Albania, its history, people and struggle to get on top of things. We wish its people all the best.

We had been aiming for Thessaloniki but the weather was inclement, the kids hungry and players were appealing the light so we stopped earlier at Veroia. We negotiated the circa-intuitive central town’s streets and lanes and found a hotel that would have us. Dinner was alone in a large fish and seafood restaurant, and, while pushing 7pm when we arrived, the owner needed to fire up the lights and heating to make us feel welcome. The first restaurant we tried was not serving dinner until 8pm, and it became apparent that, at least in this part of Greece, evening meals were enjoyed late and long. The kids were in bed and Sandy and I planning the next few days long before most of the town tucked in. Read the rest of this entry »