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Raffy’s Turkey post

Raffy’s Turkey post

In Turkey we first went to Çanakkale aka Chanakkale. It was sunny then we went to Bergama. In Bergama we stayed in an apartment. In Bergama there is a very big Muslim community. We went to see some ruins it was cold and windy there were a lot of archways. We bought a samovar. We have had a lot of apple tea.

I feel relaxed in Turkey.


Me in the Troy horse.



  David Taylor wrote @

Hey Raffy, great to read your blog. What a fantastic photo in the troy horse. I could click on it to make it fill the screen, then click again to get closer. That is amazing monument. How long did it take to climb up there? I’m glad you’re feeling relaxed now, after the tension of Albania.
Happy to see you’re well & Happy,
Luv & Peace,

  Gaby wrote @

Darling Raffy,
What a great photo of you in the Troy horse.
I am sure Mum and Dad told you the story of the horse.
How many people can fit inside at a time?
On the photo it looks huge!
Today I was lucky as I received two other photos of you which mummy had sent; one with a cat and one where you are pulling something huge that looks like a crocodile….and I do like your new haircut.
Turkey sounds wonderful…enjoy.
Love and hugs

  Nene wrote @

Wow, Raffy, the horse looks better than your cubby house at home! I enjoy reading your writing. I’ve never had apple tea — is it nice?
Keep enjoying and writing.

Love, Néné

  auntiefranny wrote @

Hi Raffy, looks like you’re having a very good time in Turkey. When we were there we also drank lots of apple tea. Have you tried the turkish delight?
Loved the photo too, hope you have a fantasic day tomorrow, happy birhtday, and thankyou you also for my lovely b.d wishes yesterday. I’m sorry i missed the call, but was very excited to hear all of your voices.
Have fun!
Fran and family xxx

  Wally & Eleanor wrote @

Hi. R. M .S .D .It was lovely talking to you last night. I love your blog Raffy,dont let dad hog the whole scene with his writing, you put your 2 cents worth in also. We would also love to hear your opinion about the trip, are you tied of it or is it still a big adventure? Love you all Wally & Eleanor.

  Hilary wrote @

hello raffy
chanakkale looks a bit like chanukka, if you spell it like that, so happy chanukka, and hope you had a terrific birthday. that trojan horse is truly enormous – did you get lost inside? i was trying to think of a bigger word than enormous, and got stuck – any ideas? or is turkey a faint memory now?
keep writing!

  Andreas Lyons wrote @

I find your article educating – keep up the excellent job!!

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