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Maddy’s post on Dover, England – Brugge, Belgium

Maddy’s post on Dover, England – Brugge, Belgium

We stayed at the Bleriot’s Bed and Breakfast in Dover, which we think was an old house with eight or nine rooms. The next morning, after brekkie (which for me was cereal and juice) we drove to the Port of Dover, got a ticket, and drove the car onto a huge “P&O” ship and after we made sure the truck was safe, went up to the top deck of the boat.

Once inside, we strolled around the thing and found a place where we could have coffees and hot chocolates (on the boat!). As the ship moved roughly through the waves, Raffy and I both fell asleep. Finally, we woke up a few minutes before the boat stopped over in Calais, France, which was where we were going to drive off.

That same day, we stopped over in Dunkirk, France for lunch and it was so windy that I ate my lunch in the car (we usually eat it outside of the car). That night we slept in Brugge, an old historic town in Belgium. For dinner that night, we looked around for a place to eat and chose a place that already had Halloween decorations up. Dad had Moules et Frites (mussles and chips, yummmm) Raf and I got pasta and mum got an onion soup.


(Mum, Raf and I in front of a cathedral, Brugge)

The next morning, we got up, had breakfast downstairs at the hotel, and then went exploring. Walking out of the hotel and onto the street was a bit frantic because whenever you thought it was safe to cross the road, a bike or electric scooter came hurtling past you at a million kilometres an hour! Anyway once we had safely crossed the road, we walked into the old city centre, (which was a big square with cathedrals and other old buildings) where I window shopped so much that if I really bought it all I would end up with a life time supply of Belgian chocolate! Still, it wouldn’t be too bad…


(Raffy and I staring hungrily at a chocolate T-rex)

After exploring the old city square and wondering how on earth they got those ancient buildings so tall without even using one single forklift, we started walking back to the hotel to get the bags and get ready to leave. After a morning of exploring we got in the car and headed off for Amsterdam.

When I’m older, Brugge is definitely on my “to visit” list. It is so pretty and there are so many places I didn’t get to visit that I really wanted to go to. I would like to go inside the hundreds of years old cathedrals and see all the other museums.



  Nene wrote @

Hey Maddy, I enjoyed reading your post on Brugge (Bruges) and can really relate to loving all that chocolate … Keep on writing.

Hope you’ve got over your cold and are continuing to enjoy your adventures!

Love and kisses, Néné

  David Taylor wrote @

Hey, Maddy, thank you so much for a great blog. I’ve heard that Brugge is wonderful. No wonder you want to go back. Great to hear your perspective on the journey, and your opinions. have you noticed, I haven’t mentioned anything about schooling for ages in my comments & I’m not going too here either. We all know you & Raffy are in the biggest classroom of life at the moment, & I, for one, envy you, having all these adventures.
Take care, Luv & peace to you all,
PS Duke & Puss Puss send their love.

  Kate and Brenna wrote @

Hi Maddy,

It was good to read your blog and as David said to get a different perspective on the trip. I am amazed you slept so well on the crossing from Dover to Calais. We did the ferry (with our car) from Melbourne to Devonport in Tasmania this year across the Bass Strait. Ooh..a very rough crossing!

Well, you are having such a great adventure. I wonder where exactly you are now? I guess you have passed through Croatia and off to …who knows where?

Brenna and I look forward to another blog from you and maybe Raffy too, to let us know what is next.

Love from Kate

  Gaby wrote @

Hi Maddy , Loved reading about Brugge and the photo of you and Raffy eyeing the chocolate T Rex made me call Opa…and we read your adventures.[.and now I am hungry too. Maybe there are some chocolates in the pantry.]
I gather you are in Greece now…we are looking forward to reading your impressions.
Hope you are completely over your cold .
Love and hugs, Nana

  Hilary wrote @

i did enjoy reading some of your impressions, maddy. i see from your restful crossing of the channel that you are both fine sailors – a great asset!

brugge is indeed beautiful. i wonder when it’s all over, and you’re back in your bedroom mulling over this whole journey, how you might vote for best food, most beautiful/fun/boring/welcoming/other criteria place?

love, hilary

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