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New York, NY USA to Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, Day 153-166, 31 August – 13 September 2008

New York, NY USA to Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Day 153-166

31 August – 13 September 2008

2,425 km

Total: 19,663 km


‘New York, New York’ – Cat Power (OK, and some bloke named Sinatra)

‘Subway Train’ – New York Dolls

‘This Mess We’re In’ – PJ Harvey & Thom York

‘Take the ‘A’ Train’ – Billy Strayhorn/Duke Ellington

‘West 42nd Street’ – John Coltrane

‘Lullaby of Broadway’ – Al Dubin and Harry Warren Connie Francis, Doris Day, et al

‘53rd & 3rd‘ – The Ramones

‘New England’ – Jonathan Richman

‘The State of Massachusetts’ – Dropkick Murphys

SK: From Corning, NY, we headed south into Pennsylvania, driving along beautiful country roads, sharing the bitumen with horse and carts driven by Amish men, big red barns, you name it  – picturesque farmland America. We travelled along the Grand Army of the Republic Highway for some distance, and ending up in New Jersey. After about five hours of driving through rolling green hills and across rivers, we all cheered when we saw the signs for New York.

DB: I have always dreamed of driving into Manhattan, and now we had the chance. Complicating the plan was that we wanted to be able to drive onto the island by bridge – and ideally one of the famous ones – to take in the views, rather than tunnel, and we wanted to be able to drive the length of Manhattan and into Nyack, where my cousin Greg and his family live. So, circuitously, we headed south to go north. Read the rest of this entry »


Chicago, Illinois – Corning, New York USA, Day 144-151, 24-30 August 2008

Chicago, Illinois – Corning, New York USA

(This post with more pics for Brenna!)

Day 144-151

24-30 August 2008

1,762 km

Total: 17,531 km


At the Hundredth Meridian’ – Tragically Hip

‘Via Chicago’ – Wilco

‘Sweet Home Chicago’ – Robert Johnson, The Blues Brothers, et al

‘Chicago’ – John Kander & Fred Ebb, Django Reinhardt, et al

‘Damn Right I Got the Blues’ – Buddy Guy

‘For the Driver’ – Ron Sexsmith

‘Over the Falls’ – Primus

DB: The vast bulk of visitors to Chicago arrive either by train or plane. Hence, most visitors only really get to experience downtown Chicago, which in and of itself is fabulous. However, in continuing our successes in travelling the back roads we headed into west Chicago and areas and neighbourhoods that differ greatly from the slick world of the main city centre.

Travelling down North Avenue took us through neighbourhoods that had been somewhat neglected until recently but were now experiencing a new lease on life. This is Obama country. Old brownstone buildings were being spruced up, funky new stores opening. At one point it seemed that every second storefront was a church of some description. Recently arrived immigrants from West Africa added splashes of vibrant colour with their traditional attire, and African, reggae, hip-hop and blues music burst out of open doors and cars. While still a little rough and ready, it felt welcoming. A man made a point of slowing down next to us and calling out his welcome to us to his home-town, wishing us all the best. Patrick Capone, no less, (is it a good thing to be discovered by a Capone in this town?) logged onto our website that evening and left a warm comment. We had the sense that our next two days in The Windy City were going to be fun. Read the rest of this entry »

Rosetown, Saskatchewan Canada – Chicago, Illinois USA, Day 138-143, 17-23 August 2008

Rosetown, Saskatchewan Canada – Chicago, Illinois USA

Day 138-143

17-23 August 2008

This section: 2,116km

Total: 15,813km


‘Blue Canadian Rockies’ – The Byrds

‘9th & Hennepin’ – Tom Waits

‘Hangin Downtown’ – The Replacements

‘I-94′ – Radio Birdman

‘Around the World in a Day’ – Prince and the Revolution

‘Mississippi Goddam’ – Nina Simone

‘Lazy River’ – Rickie Lee Jones, et al


SK: We left Jen, John and Harry, and feeling rather melancholy we headed east to the prairies. Our aim was to cross into Saskatchewan (I just love writing that) and stop in Saskatoon (likewise). A big drive of about six hours.

I was impressed at first sight with the famous prairie landscape. Flat, flat country, with fields of canola, wheat, lentils as far as the eye could see. The wind had picked up, and the heads of grain were waving as we drove by. It was mesmerising, and a cliché of every literary, film and pop cultural reference of this kind of landscape. Towns were few and small, pick up trucks were fast (we were overtaken constantly), and our windscreen was soon covered with the detritus of an entomological collection. All of this was engaging and entertaining… for a while. Read the rest of this entry »