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I like LA, by Raffy

I like LA because cars stop for you when we cross the road. I am looking forward to eating hot-dogs and going to Disneyland. I like our apartment. We have to sleep on the couches, and I sleep on the floor because Maddy’s is bigger than mine and I have a small one. I can’t sleep well on the small one because I can’t stretch out. We’ve got a kitchen and I cook. We’ve got a nice veranda and a huge TV.



  Margie wrote @

I liked LA too. I’m not surprised the TV is big. Isn’t everything bigger in the US?
Caitlin will take your enyrty to school. I’m sure your class will be happt to read about what you’re up to.
Happy travels,


P.S. your chook Laverne is now best friends with our Frizzie Lizzie and has decided to move in under the back porch with her instead of sleeping in her coop.

  David Taylor wrote @

Hi Raffy,
Loved your blog. Thank goodness those drivers are showing a little more respect to you pedestrians. Wow, hot dogs & Disneyland, that must be the ultimate heaven. Just as well you’re tough enough to sleep on the floor. Not many people can do that. A huge TV is very important, I think you should take some photo’s of you’re apartment and TV and put them on the blog.
Take care
Luv & peace, David.
PS. Duke & Puss Puss said to say Hi.

  Hilary wrote @

g’day raffy
i can imagine cars stopping for you would feel a whole lot safer than the system of crossing roads in hanoi. road rules have much to recommend them, and you only really notice that when there aren’t any. still, remember to look both ways!
hugs to you all

  Gaby[Nana] wrote @

Hi Raffy,
Loved reading your Blog.
Hope the sleeping arrangements have improved since then. LA is big but can be fun.
I heard you went to Universal Studios
Opa remembered the Hot Dogs. Please have an extra one for him.
It was great to see you and Maddy on Skype the other day. How you have both grown.
Ginger comes around often and frightens all the birds. I think it is looking for you.
Big Hugs,Nana.

  Dale wrote @

Hi Danny, Sandi ,Maddy & Raffy.
Sounds like a dramatic culture shift for all of you between asia and the states.Hope that you are on top of your colds etc. Are the big kids enjoying their travels as much as the smaller ones? Always wanted to get to Disney land as a child but never made it.No problems tummy wise in asia I hope. Look after yourselves. Dale

  Kamron Kerr wrote @

What a perfect article

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