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I like LA, by Raffy

I like LA because cars stop for you when we cross the road. I am looking forward to eating hot-dogs and going to Disneyland. I like our apartment. We have to sleep on the couches, and I sleep on the floor because Maddy’s is bigger than mine and I have a small one. I can’t sleep well on the small one because I can’t stretch out. We’ve got a kitchen and I cook. We’ve got a nice veranda and a huge TV.


Hanoi, Vietnam, Day 81-92, 20 June-2 July 2008

Hanoi, Vietnam, Day 81-92, 20 June-2 July 2008


‘Gridlock’ – Warren Zevon / The Pogues

‘Charlie Don’t Surf – The Clash

‘Giải phóng miền Nam’ (Liberate the South) – Huỳnh Minh Siêng

‘California, Here I Come’ – Al Jolson


DB: Our arrival at the new and impressive Bangkok international airport was straightforward, as was our check-in. We had about ninety minutes to kill and we meandered up to a swank café for morning tea and to read the papers. Keeping our eye on the Departures board that blinked exotic destinations and airlines in Thai and English, all was in order in the world.

Our airline, Air France, had given each of us cute little stickers for our lapels (OK, T-shirts), and, only once we started making our way to our gate lounge did we begin to understand their purpose. An airport official honed in on us and exclaimed “Air France – quickly!” We weren’t sure what this meant – the plane was not to commence boarding for another fifteen minutes and the gate lounge was visible from where we were. “Quickly!” Read the rest of this entry »

Bangkok, Thailand, Day 60 – 76, 4-19 June 2008

Bangkok, Thailand, Day 60 – 76, 4-19 June 2008


‘The Filth and the Fury’ – Sex Pistols

Theme to Bladerunner – Vangelis

‘Burning down the House’ – Talking Heads


DB: Once settled in our apartment it became apparent that itself was a metaphor for the city in which it resided: quite large, rather dishevelled, badly planned, if at all, cared for by its numerous residents like a cheap rental car, and prone to getting dirty just by looking at it. It also had the pretence of being a grand and sophisticated abode, when in reality it was a crumbling box not unlike thousands of others in its vicinity.

Our main purpose for being in Bangkok, capital of Thailand – and the reason for our haste in getting there – was to send our truck off by sea to Los Angeles. This journey would take three weeks or so, so we had time to kill. Read the rest of this entry »