Drive Around The World (Australia)

One family, one car, one year, one planet

Koh Samet, by Raffy Blay

Yesterday we went on a quad-bike. It was bumpy and fun. I sat at the front with my dad. When we got in I turned the key. It was fun – I used the handle to make it go “broom-broom!” We went to where all the water is stored and we went up hills. It was very muddy and it sprayed on me.

Today it rained. We got hot chips and I played in the sand, and I swam in the sea! I played on the computer but the internet wasn’t working because the power went off during a storm.





  Nene wrote @

Lovely to hear from you, Raffy! Hope you’re having lots of fun and looking after your sister.

Love, Nene

  davidltaylor wrote @

Hey Raffy,
Great to read your Blog. Sounds a bit of a rough ride.
You can see in the photo, all the mud on the quad bike.
What fantastic fun, I’d love to go on a quad bike. How is your school work going. (Sorry, shouldn’t have used that bad word, ‘SCHOOL’).
Maddy, how about some time, writing some of your thoughts about the trip, and experiences?
Luv & Peace, David.

  Deb wrote @

Hi Raffy,
That bike sounds fun! I miss you sweeping the floor, doing the dishes and putting the garbage down the shute for me. Keep enjoying your adventures… are you becoming an ‘outy’ instead of an ‘iny?’ Love to the family, Deb

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