Drive Around The World (Australia)

One family, one car, one year, one planet

Farewell Australia!

We fly to Singapore in a few hours to begin the next leg or our voyage. Keep in touch – we’ll miss you!




  auntiefranny wrote @

Hi DSMR, so good to read about your great adventures so far,love that the kids were embarrased by your dancing. Good luck for the next exciting stage as you leave”home”.
Travel safely, miss you all already!
love,your fam. xxx

  David Taylor wrote @

Hi there Guys.
How great it is all sounding. Maddy & Raffy, have you finished the sweeties yet? Bet they were gone before you hit the Vic border. The photos are great. Dumb old me just figured out how to make them bigger. So now I can see you guys. Not all of them will enlarge though? By now you’ll be in Singers, most probably sitting at Raffels have a Gin Sling. Now the real adventure will start, having left home soil. A long way to go. Loving the Blogs.
Luv, David.

  auntiefranny wrote @

Hi DSMR…just been catching up on your adventure…had a big smile the whole time!
Happy mother’s day Sandy…had lunch at Babcia’s….missed seeing you so had to look at some photos around the place…some very old ones of you as kids…fun to reflect, particularly with Gabi now being very pregnant and yet another phase of our lives beginning…it was very nostalgic for us all in their dining room once again….lots of fond memories.
Love reading all your news…keep well and hugs to you all…love Clive

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