Drive Around The World (Australia)

One family, one car, one year, one planet

Preparations 2

Today we encountered our third round of vaccinations at our local clinic. It is an unfortunate but necessary aspect of travelling overseas. Sandy and I grin and bear it, and Maddy positively enjoys the experience. Disturbing? Maybe. But she somehow enjoys watching the gleaming metal being inserted into her shoulder and the liquid being discharged into her flesh. Yes, somewhat disturbing. Raffy, however, is not exactly impressed. “No, no, no” and “I don’t even want to go on holiday”, amongst other claims, are voiced for all in the clinic to hear. Raff works himself into such a state that, unfortunately, we need to restrain him when he’s getting his shots to ensure he doesn’t do himself any injury. We are at pains to explain and describe to Raff that, last time, he made a huge fuss too, but thirty seconds later he had essentially forgotten about it. But even this kind of visualisation wouldn’t make him budge. He works himself into such a state that there is no turning back. Raff got his two shots and, surprise, surprise, thirty seconds later he had forgotten about it. I took Raff aside after we got home and had a bit of chat with him about what had happened, and what might happen next time; that he gets himself into such a state and gets so upset instead of thinking about how it really is. Raff agreed that he didn’t really mind in the end, and that he would try to remember this experience next time – a little but definite grin on his face, while licking his over-sized lollypop. 

We’ll see next Tuesday.


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