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Preparations 3 – We’re almost there

Recent times have proved momentous for us, both personally and more broadly.Today we were inflicted with our last immunisation shots. As you would recall from our previous entry, our youngest, Raffy, needed to be restrained so that he wouldn’t cause himself or anyone else any injury whilst the needle was put into his shoulder. Since then, we as a family have had a few chats about why we need to be immunised, and more specifically, how working yourself up into a frenzy makes the whole process worse than it could be.

And so, Raff stuck his chest out and bared his shoulders to our nurse, Adina, albeit sitting on Dad’s lap. No problems. No dramas.Says a lot for taking the time to have the important conversations with your young children, who understand a whole lot more than we may take for granted.It set the scene for a sense of ‘overcoming’ – facing your difficulties and demons and getting on with it.

Tonight we wait with anticipation for our new federal government to say sorry to the Indigenous people of Australia for past atrocities. While we are anxious about planning our trip overseas – knowing full well that we are entirely privileged in having the opportunity to even consider such a journey – ‘we’ are on the eve of a momentous occasion, when the federal parliament of Australia finally acknowledges the past injustices metered out towards the custodians of this land. In paraphrasing the words of Andre Agassi, it’s just a bit of perspective. Read the rest of this entry »


Preparations 2

Today we encountered our third round of vaccinations at our local clinic. It is an unfortunate but necessary aspect of travelling overseas. Sandy and I grin and bear it, and Maddy positively enjoys the experience. Disturbing? Maybe. But she somehow enjoys watching the gleaming metal being inserted into her shoulder and the liquid being discharged into her flesh. Read the rest of this entry »