Drive Around The World (Australia)

One family, one car, one year, one planet

Preparations 1

We have been toying with the idea of using a single vehicle and driving around the world for a number of years now, but planning in earnest commenced around March 2007. Since that time, we have been playing with itineraries, refining what we need from our vehicle, attempting to define a budget, and, most of all, trawling the web for suggestions and ideas. Sandy finished work in November 2007 and has been working full time on the trip. Since then we defined a workplan and divided up the tasks. These included the following categories: Route – itinerary, access/restrictions, shipping and ferries, visas, accommodation, guides Vehicle – research common vehicles in areas we will travel, maintenance support, extra repair training, extra equipment, spare parts, procurement, 4wd training, International Drivers’ Licence Health – first aid, medication, insurance, support, vaccinations Funding – how are we going to pay for this thing? Community project – making arrangements to work with local organisations, developing training tools Camping and travel equipment – research new equipment and procurement Maps – electronic, paper, travel guides Luggage – clothes, entertainment, education, recreation, how much can we fit in? School – organising the children’s enrolment, regular contact throughout the year, curriculum and ‘home schooling’ Technology – GPS, website, laptop, satellite phone, mp3 player, kids music/dvd players Budget – everything from a new vehicle, food, accommodation, visas and documentation, travel insurance, fuel, other transport (ferries, etc), guides, fees (parks, attractions, etc), spending money, emergencies? Administration – passports, travel info, power of attorney, wills Moving out of our house – tenants, storage, banking arrangements, garden watering, maintenance arrangements, mail, subscriptions, and most importantly, what happens with our chooks – Laverne and Shirley? Naturally, when we defined the workplan, we recoiled in horror. Obviously this trip was not as easy as loading the car up with some food and gear and going camping for a week. It wasn’t even close to driving around Australia. There was so much to do, and, it seemed, so little time. So, we did what any other sensible couple would do. We opened a bottle…



  ablay1 wrote @

Sounds like a fantastic trip – and a lot of work! Good on you and good luck …

  nickithehippy wrote @

we thought of you four yesterday as melbourne put on its most glorious autumn weather to farewell you. maddy – thanks for the sneakers – i cant believe i am wearing your hand-me-downs… you can pass your shoes on to jon when you get back if you keep growing at this rate.
sandy – is the rest of the stuff in the mail??
raffy- we hope you decided to join the rest of the family for the trip of a lifetime -as us parents like to say ‘you’ll thank us when you’re older…’
so, our lovely friends, may gaia be with you (had to live up to the username) as our love and thoughts are…cant wait for the first exciting installment from the road…nickithehippy

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